brethasbones asked:
have you heard evan brewers solo album and if so thoughts on it?

Yes he has a couple. I think he’s awesome and happy to say I’m a fan of his :)

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lejeunekyle asked:
What's your opinion on Schecter basses?

Awesome. ‘Nuff said.

tr3bleinparadise asked:
What do you think about the Yamaha BB series basses?

I actually owned one way back when. For a short period, I sold it because it was abit heavy for me. However they sound great :)

Anymore questions?
  • Anyone else or submissions guys?
bleedmetalordie asked:
Sorry to keep asking things but is it ok to use a pick on bass, I dunno I just like the sound better

Is it ok?! IS IT OK?! SOME OF THE BEST BASS PLAYERS OUT THERE USE PICKS! Hang on I had an epic answer to this a while back let me just find it…

"I use a pick myself, but I also use my fingers, to be honest in my personal opinion it depends on the particular sound you want for a specific song for example, something that originally was recorded on a double bass, I would use my fingers. But if I’m playing Metallica and thrashing the shit out of my instrument, pick.

In my opinion, rock and metal etc is meant for the use of a pick. I mean, Lemmy and Jason Newsted made me feel ok for using picks. They are two who inspired me a hell of a lot, but let’s not go into that, the list of my inspirations on the bass is honestly never ending.

Frankly this debate has been going on for decades and I think it’s fucking stupid. Any narrow minded, arrogant asshole who says “real bassists only play with their fingers” needs to grow up and accept the fact everyone has their comfort zone. Some people like to explore new techniques, others just use what works for them, live and let live.

My responses however to these very narrow minded sorts of comments come out like this:

"No, Real bassists know how to use each technique effectively, and pull a different arrow out of their quiver for each situation, whether it be using finger technique, double thumbing, tapping, thumb and index, slapping, “fieldy slapping” (which in my opinion is a whole other level of strange technique, but it fucking works for him!), picking, muting or playing the fucking thing with your penis, it’s whatever works for YOU.

People shouldn’t be pressured into thinking there’s a right and wrong in terms of what works for them, but don’t get this statement confused with technique, there’s right and wrong there.

Music is about emotion, the more you don’t think and just play, the more the language will flow and use you as a conduit. It’s just how the music chooses to flow through you, we get a choice on. Real bassists, are respectful friendly people that live and let live, don’t develop ego’s and stay out of the spotlight until an opportunity occurs, that’s when people realise it’s not all about thrashing guitar solos and great singing.

We hold the low end, we bring the thunder and we are the only ones who can make the ground beneath our feet shake and make the crowds jump. I’m proud to be a bassist, I’m proud to run this blog and I’m proud to say, I use a pick when I deem it right and use it EFFECTIVELY!”

So basically yes it is ok to use a pick. You do what you find comfortable. Does that kinda answer your question?

bleedmetalordie asked:
I'm looking into learning a bass solo is there any songs you would recommend