thesleepingtriangle asked:

I've been playing bass for about a year and a half and I believe I'm progressing fairly quickly. But whether it be a bassist I meet on the street or the professionals I follow, they all seem to have been playing bass, or at least music for YEARS to get to the skill level they are at. Is there hope for me at 23 years old to reach the professional level (Victor Wooten, Grant Stinnet, Les Claypool) while I'm still young?

Sorry to rain on your parade but I very much doubt it. Victor Wooten is an extremely accomplished artist and no one on the planet will ever reach the level Victor is at. The artists mentioned have all been playing music since they were very young, it takes a certain person to reach the professional skill level of Claypool and Wooten. Don’t be mistaken- they know their shit.

All beginners or people who haven’t been playing too long should obviously aspire to be that good and be enthusiastic, but I’m afraid to say there’s little chance of reaching that level for any of us. I’ve been playing bass since I was 9 years old, study it day in, day out. But we can only hope eh.




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Anonymous asked:

do you have any suggestions on straps that are not too expensive? the ones i have really chafe my shoulder when playing a long time if im not wearing thick enough top or jacket. i have two but i'm not sure what they're called - they're pretty much the basic woven ones.

In terms of decent straps you get what you pay for.

I would highly recommend Mono straps- I suffer with back problems and there are so many reasons as to why Mono straps are just so much more comfortable than normal ones, but the main one being they obviously spread the weight of the bass.

The price tag they bear is justifiable, worth every penny if you ask me!